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 "Trip!Support" information (Sapporo or Hokkaido)

 "Safty and with the peace of mind"

   We want you to wait happily, without wavering and to carry out a walk in the first Sapporo (Hokkaido)to visit. We are very convenient if we let you waiting and the rows of houses in Sapporo having become like the squares at the walk and it know the directions of the transportation (a subway, a streetcar, a bus, etc.) for going to a tourist draw.

Moreover, in oder to get a baby and disabled persons to take a pleasant trip, we have guided slso about the method of a rental of a stroller or a wheelchair.

In addition, it is "having been troubled came out" in the middle of a trip. "You suited the trouble of some kind!" "Disasters, such as an earthquake, occurred!" It is also important to know how you should carry out at the time. 
     At this corner, in order to nestle up to a tourist, we are introducing the measure of "safety " of the organs concerned, such as a municipality and a hospital in detail.  Immediately, we will take you.

(Emergency information!)
Consultation Counter about New Coronavirus disease(COVID-19)
-Please confirm"indication(MInistry of Health,Labour and Welfare) of consultation,consultation about Coronavirus disease(COVID-19)"about indication of consultation,consultation.

▼「Emergency Relief Center Sapporo」
   ▽Phone number・・・011-272-7119
  ▽Reception hours・・・24 hours(7 days a week)
  ▽Correspondece Language・・・Japanese,English,Chinese,Korean,Malay,Thai,Russian

▼「Sapporo-shi consultation counter」

Phone number・・・011-632-4567
Reception hours・・・From 9:00 to 21:00 to have days

▼「COVID-19 Consultation Center Hokkaido Government」
▽Phone number・・・0800-222-0018
   ▽Reception hours・・・24 hours(7 days a week)

▼「Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare」

  ▽Phone number・・・0120-565653
  ▽Reception hours・・・From 9:00 to 21:00 to have days

▼Call center (Japanese Government tourist bureau) for foreign tourists
  ▽Phone number・・・050-3816-2787
  ▽Reception hours・・・24 hours(7days a week)
  ▽Correspondence Language・・・English,Chinese,korean,Japanese

▼Consultation counter of persons with impaired hearing
  -Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare

  ▽FAX number・・・03-3595-2756、011-206-0732
  ▽E-mail address・・・corona-2020@mhlw.go.jp

 If you have a problem during your travels,please contact !

"Sapporo city call center"(Supports foreigners)

☆Supports:"Telephone or Mail"

 ▽Language: Japanese, English, chinese, Korean

 ▽Contact: 011-222-4894   

 ▽E-mail info4894@city.sapporo.jp

 ▽Business Hours 8002100

 ▽Holidays: Open all year

▼"Sapporo city Odori information station"
Supports foreigners

Supports: By meeting

 ▽Language: Japanese, English, chinese, Korean

 ▽Address: Subway Odori Station(Odori Nishi 4-chome、Chuo-ku、Sapporo)

 ▽Business Hours 10:00~20:00(Sanday & National Holidays:open till 19:00)

 ▽Holidays: December 29-January 3

 Information , about a tourist Resort, Transportation, Hotel, etc. in Hokkaido

"Hokkaido-sapporo tourist information center"
                          (Supports foreigners)


Supports: By meeting

 ▽Contents:The sightseeing &event inHokaido、means of transportation

 ▽Language: Japanese, English, chinese, Korean

 ▽Address:JR Sapporo station (Kita 6-jo,Nishi 4-chome、kita-ku、Sapporo)

 ▽Business Hours 8:00~20:00

 ▽Holidays: Open all year



"JR Sapporo Station information desk"(Only for a foreigners)

Supports: By meeting

 ▽Contents:Train of JR, and the guidance of hotel

 ▽Language: Japanese, English, chinese, Korean

 ▽Address: JR Sapporo station (Kita 6-jo,Nishi 4-chome、Kita-ku、Sapporo)

 ▽Business Hours 8:30~20:00

 ▽Holidays: Open all year


▼"Hokkaido Tourist Information Center Sapporo-tanukikoji"
                            (Supports foreigners)

☆Supports: By meeting

 ▽Contents: tourist resort、airplane、JR in Hokkaido and being trouble,etc.Also introduction of event,
           an eating place,and shopping store.

 ▽Language: English, Chinese

 ▽Address: Minami 3-jo,Nishi 4-chome, Chuo-ku、Sapporo
              (MEGA Don・Quiote Sapporo-Tanukikoji head office 4 Floor)

 ▽Business Hours 14:00~22:00 (Open every day of the year)


 Hokkaido tourist information center Sapporo-Tanukikoji・・・[please check here]

 ▽Free W iーFi : OK

 "Which wants to rent a wheelchair and a stroller and to travel in the inside of
Sapporo or Hokkaido"?

▼"Hokkaido Unversal tourist center , Sapporo"

                     (Correspond to foreign language by e-mail)

   Support making memories of the trip

  Hokkaido unversal tourist center Sapporo
☆ Work content:
We carry out various advice for getting people by whom a sightseeing tour is done in the inside of Sapporo and Hokkaido from a person with its child to an old person to take a comfortable trip including a disabled person. We advise finely that a pleasant trip can perform the loan (charge) of a wheelchair or a stroller, and how you use means of transportation (JR, the Sapporo subway, a bus, etc.).

▽ Correspondence: Meeting, a telephone, mail

▽ Location: JR Sapporo west- concourse north entrance ... Kita 6-jo, Nishi 4-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo

▽ Business hours:  9:30 to 17:30 (Open all year)

▽Contact telephone: 070-5289-8631

▽E-mail:   desk@hokkaido-ut.com

▽HP:     http://www.hokkaido-ut.com
  - Introduce the directions of a "tourist center", etc. in detail. From here, You can perform a promposal of a rental of a wheelchair etc.

▽Installation and Management: NPO Hokkaido Universal Tourism Promotion Council

 "The reference in emergencies, such as a sudden illness"

 "Sapporo Citizen Contact Center"Supports foreigners      

☆Supports :"Telephone or Mail"

 ▽Language: Japanese, English, chinese, Korean

 ▽Contact: 011-222-4894   

 ▽E-mail info4894@city.sapporo.jp

 ▽Business hours: 8002100

 ▽Holidays: Open all year

"Emergency Relief Center Sapporo"
[24 hour telephone health hotline]
(Supports foreigners)

Supports: Consult by "Telephone" to a sudden illness, an injyury,stc.

 ▽Telephone: #7119(abbreviated dialing)  OR   011-272-7119

Japanese, English, chinese, Korean,thai,Malay,Russsian

 ▽Business Hours: 24 hours

 ▽Holidays: December 29-January 3

 Accepts foreigners during Night Time Hours&on Holidays

. Name of hospital "Sapporo Higashi Tokusyukai Hospital"

Languages:English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, an Espanol, a Portugues, Mongolian,                   Indonesian,Malay, Guarani

 ▽Address: Kita 33‐jo, Higashi 14-chome, Higashi‐ku, Sapporo

 ▽Telephone: 011-722-1110
* Be sure to call in advance before going to the hospital

 ▽Busness Hours:

    -Weekdays:17:00 to 9:00 (the nest day) 

     -Saturdays ,Sundays,and National holidays: 9:00 to 9:00 the next day


 "Night sudden illness center"(Sapporo Medical Association)

  You can speak Japanese .

 ▽Busness Hours:
       -"Internal medicine and Pediatrics": 19:00- next day 7:00

       -"Otolaryngology and ophthalmology" 19:00 to 23:00

 ▽Telephone 011-641-4316

 ▽Adress  Odori Nishi 19-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo


  "Traffic accidents and Crimes" Please call 110 immedately

▼ Contact : Local Police Station or the nearest Policebox

       *Link with police corresponding to 24 hour directly

 "Sudden illuness and an injury" An ambulance is required !

▼Contact : Fire department

    *An ambulance is mobilized from-fire fighting corresponding to 24 hours

 Large-scale disaster occurs! First of all, to a "shelter."

 ▼Action which ensures the safety of the body first of all,     and to"shelter"
   When large-scale disasters,such as an earthquake,occurs, what do you do?
  First,I look for the place where waiting and safety can secure that a shake is subsided.
  Generally,it is nearby elementary and junior high schools, a park", etc. After checking surrounding safety ,I move to the"shelter"specified by cities,towns and villages etc.prompty.


Nevermind in the case of movement to "shelter":
   Let's be cautions of a head top and a step, iet's avoid a hazarder, walk and move.

Correspondence of "shelter":
Provision of water or food and a foreigner can also be used without discrimination.

Offer and receiving method of varieties of information,such as a situation of a disaster ,and a "shelter"
■In the case of Sapporo

▽Sapporo city-office "homepage" ⇒ http://www.citysapporo.jp/index.htm

▽Sapporo city-office public relations section"twitter"

▽Sapporo call center
 -Telephone ・・・
011-222-4894(8:00~21:00 every day)
 -Language・・・Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean.
 -E-mail   ・・・info4894@city.sapporo.jp

▽Offer varieties of information by the"digital signage"in the Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Walkway"

   There is "Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake"in September , 2018, and I observed lower 5 on the Japanese intensity scale in Sapporo.
    Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Walkway became the"shelter"not only Sapporo people but also the traveler including foreign tourists then.

 Ekimae-dori Underground Walkway
    Then, at the time of a future disaster ,various disaster information will be offerd through a"digital signage."

      "digital signage"

-Information offer place・・・
        "Kita 2-jo Plaza" in Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Walkway


 It started correspondence in "it is determination about the plan which establishes the window where the Hokkaido Government receives information dissemination and consultation as the support point for the tourist (including the foreigners)at the time of a disaster", and February, 2019. 

Hokkaido Government Tourist Bureau

     Hokkaido Government building

Supports by two methods(1)or(2)

 (1) "Utilize social networking service (twitter) and disseminate information required for tourists" 

The contents of dispatch: 

  - Transportation information, including an airplane, JR, a road, etc. 

  - The weather information, including a weather alert etc. 
(We will urge a variety of information to a never mind in dispatch and everyday life if needed.) 

Use Language : Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese.

Offer of dispatch information: 

   From Hokkaido Government tourist Bureau twitter - "Please check here" 


(2) Establish "Tourist Urgent Support Station." 

The purpose of establishment:
The scale of a disaster is large and going home and a homecoming support promptly to a difficult tourist. 

Supports:  By meeting.

The contents of offer:
  The operation situation of means of transportation, such as operation of an airplane, a train, and a bus, a stay place, etc. 

Use Language :   Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese. 

Establishment place:  Hokkaido government building or annex

Location Kita 3-jo,Nishi 6-chome, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo

Business hours :  Depending on the situation of a disaster, it is also correspondence               at a 24-hour attitude. 

Details of a measure of tourist support of the Hokkaido Government: 
From homepage (HP) of the Hokkaido Government Tourist Bureau" Please check here ”

Other supports (Correspond if needed) 

Installation of the charge spot of IT apparatus (carrying, a smart phone, etc.)

Installation of a Wi-Fi spot (for access to the Internet) 


 At the time of disaster ! the information for foreigners 

▼"Sapporo International Communication Plaza"
                         (only for a foreigners)

Sapporo International Communication Plaza

Descriptive pamphlet:
      Usually, We have prepar
ed the place and the exchange salon of exchange of the foreigner who is free for the international student who stays in Sapporo, the foreigner under travel, etc., and can use for them including making living information offer.

     Moreover, We are advancing attraction of an exchange soviet with every country in the world etc. as a convention business.

     Furthermore, at the time of generating of a disaster, We start the "disaster many-languages support center" which provides a foreigner with the information on a "shelter" etc., and am carrying out information dissemination by social networking service etc.

Language :  Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

 ▽Busness Hours: 9001730

 ▽Telephone: 011-211-2105

 ▽Adress:Kita 1-jo,Nishi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
         (just before the third floor of the Sapporo MN bldg, and in front of clock tower)

 ▽ HP Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation  

 ▽"At the time of disaster":




 "In Sapporo consulate-general"(five nations)

   Using quick wit among foreign tourists with this disaster -- the procedure of a passport -- being troubled -- there were some persons who obtained exact information and acted from the consulate-general etc. in in Sapporo whose consultation is possible.

  United States of America consulate-general

 Telephone: 011-641-1115~7

 ▽Adress: Kita 1-jo,Nishi 28-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

 ▽HP https://jp.usembassy.gov/ja/embassy-consulates-ja/sapporo-ja/

 South Korean consulate-general

 ▽Telephone: 011-218-0288

 ▽Adress:Kita 2-jo,Nishi 12-chome,Chuo-ku, Sapporo

 ▽HP  http://overseas.mofa.go.kr/jp-sapporo-ja/index.do

 Russian Federation consulate-general

 ▽Telephone: 011-561-3171~2

 ▽Adress: Minami 14-jo, Nishi 12chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

 ▽HP https://sapporo.mid.ru/index_jp

 People's Republic of China consulate-general

 ▽Telephone: 011-563-5563

 ▽Adress:Minami 13-jo, Nishi 23-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

 ▽HP http://sapporo.china-consulate.org/jpn/

 Australian consulate


 ▽Adress:Kita 5-jo, Nishi 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 17th floor of Sapporo Center Building

 ▽HP https://japan.embassy.gov.au/tkyojapanese/location_sapporo_jp.html


 "Transportation useful for movement of Sapporo"

 ▼"Sapporo City Traffic Bureau"(public management)

☆"Subway": "Tozai Line"- "Namhoku Line"-"Toho Line" by 3 lines

  ▽Fare We apply a section charge

  ▽Profitable ticket:

    "One-Day Ticket for Subway Use"(We Will be free-ride for one day a weekday)
  (fare: Adult 830yen,  Child 420yen)

      "Donichika Ticket(ドニチカ)"(On Saturday and Sunday,We restrict from a public holiday and Descember 29 to January 3, and will be freeride for one day)
(fare: Adult 520 yen、 Child  260yen)

       *The route is a loop ,we operate by the area around and circumference of inner
           ,in any case,it is a single rate.
       *In the case of an adult ,we get on for 200 yen
. (A child is half the sum)

 ▽Streetcar rides:
 Since the door of the central part of the Streetcar opens, we ride from there.
     When getting down, it is a place of the front door. we pay a charge.
       A Streetcar is sometimes useful to go to "Moiwayama ropeway".


Profitable ticket(Streetcar):

 ■"Dosanko Pasu ticket"・・・
On Saturday and Sunday, we restrict from a national holiday and December 29 to January       3, and will be free-ride for one day.

 ▽Charge:   360 yen, one adult + a child)  

 ☆TelephoneSapporo Transportation Information Center 011-232-2277


"JR Hokkaido Bus" (private sector)

 ☆Profitable ticket:

  ▽"Ichinichi norihoudai"ticket」・・・(We will ride for one day)
    Rare: adult 800yen、child 400yen

   ▽Telephone:  011-622-8000


"Hokkaido Cyuo Bus"(private sector

 ☆Profitable ticket:

   "Kyoutsu ichinichi"ticket」・・・(We will ride for one day                            
    Rare: adult 750yen、child 380

     We can use for tha "sapporo walk bus"involving tourist facilities{from /summer-autumn

    ▽Telephone:  011-231-0500


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