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トップページOh! 元気 ねっと 地域づくり!      現地ルポイベント情報 募集コーナー

 The Sapporo"walk and see"information!

  You who are planning the trip! Don't you come to Sapporo-city, Hokkaido?

  Here, it is change of the color of the four seasons of Sapporo as information which is useful for your trip,It was good to come to "place etc. where we can carry out skilled [ of the high Hokkaido gourmet of concern ] to relief and safe", still more attractive tourist draw and transportation device, and it" Sapporo all over the town of the "squares" which do not almost have wavering once it memorized! We introduce the place by which the impression "is held.
We divide into the three f
ollowing items, introduce, and invite you to Sapporo.

 1. "Four seasons"

 2. Sightseeing spots

 3. Sapporo enjoyment

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