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 Hokkaido"Nature&Sightseeing" Information

 Chram is full of Hokkaido !  Please come to Hokkaido!

The charm of Hokkaido is being able to enjoy "variegated nature and gourmet." 

First, when it sees about "We are nature", 
   There are a TAISETSU mountain system where the mountains in Hokkaido where a center, Mt.Asahidake, etc. are almost high stand in a row, and five national parks including unexplored region Shiretoko authorized by the World Natural Heritage Site of the Unesco which have characterful nature, such as a wetland, in it.

   In addition, there are the coastline and islands with much change which were blessed with the lakes and marshes which show a beautiful scene, and strangely shaped rocks. 

We can enjoy such a nature beautiful figure from a tourist ship, also can enjoy watching of the animal of the seas, such as a whale and a dolphin. 

Hokkaido cannot overlook the season of the flower which starts in the bloom of the cherry blossoms and the Ume the end of the month in April, either.

  We are underfoot observable, even if alpine flora does not climb a high mountain from the characteristics, such as weather, except that it applies the end of the month in September and Moss phlox, Cosmos, etc. of a park bloom all over bigly. 

Hokkaido is a treasury of a wild bird. Large-sized visitant and swans, and a Steller's sea eagle, white-tailed sea eagle, also show a figure including the Red-crowned crane of a natural treasure of Japan. 

We cannot overlook Hokkaido during winter from the end of November to March every year.  In various parts of Hokkaido of all in white, illuminations are turned on and shine with snow in winter sky. Winter festival is also held in various places. 

Drift ice washes the Sea of Okhotsk coast from the middle of January to March every year. From Abashiri and Mombetsu, the tourist ship which cruises the inside of drift ice operates. 


On the other hand, another charm of Hokkaido is a "gourmet."

It is that fresh and abundant delicacies from the sea and delicacies from the mountains are eaten. 

  For example, as a gourmet who collected with delicacies from the sea urchin, salmon roe, the "seafood bowl(Kaisendon)" into which the scallopwent fully how much, the "bowl of rice topped with salmon roe(Ikuradon)" into which salmon roe went fully, etc. are popular gourmets, and many tourists visit this to a pleasure. 
   In addition, Hokkaido is [ an sa-ke, wine, sweets, etc. ] popular. 

As mentioned above, We have introduced the nature which each area in Hokkaido has, and the charm of sightseeing. We would like reference to enjoy the travel to Hokkaido for this. 

     Click the following picture and enjoy the charm of Hokkaido! 

"The roof and Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido" -Landscepe,Climbing,Alpine plant-

"World Natural Heritage Site and unexplored region Shiretoko"

▼"Scene and Onuma-Park which Mt.komagadake and Onuma make"

▼"Active volcano Mt. Meakandake,and a 5-color lake・Onneto"

▼"Strangely shaped rocks and alpine plants" tell! Mt.Apoi Geopark

▼"The pastoral Gensei-kaen","Famous for the Oysters"-Akkeshi-cho

▼"Nemuro is the kingdom of a wild bird ,and at the at the easternmost tip in Hokkaido"

▼"Koshimizu Gensei-kaen and farm village landscape colorful town-Koshimizu"

▼"Lake Kutcharo where the drama of the swan is seen"

▼"Protected by nature lovers 30years, Wetland of flowers -"Kiritappu wetland

▼"Jigokudani,a demon, and a hot water fiercs god are scrum"-Noboribetsu-Hot Spring

▼"The flowers Island of northernmost,alpine plants is a step !", -"Rebun town"

▼"Symbol Mt. Rishirizan ,and enjyoy Rishiri-island round"


▼"The fun of the coastline",and transmit the lessons of the Tsunami"-Okushiri-island

▼"The patchwork which the townman draws, the campus are hills", -Biei-town

▼"The greatest Cosmos Garden !, Run the former SL of the forest railway"

▼"Greatest fruit Land of Hokkaido", Niki-cho

▼"Takikawa is the rape field of Japan No1",and the city of the sky sports"

▼"The village of a Fairy tale, and Moss Phlox park of Japan No1"-Takinoue-cho

▼"Famous place of the narcissus Hokkaido No1",Give various impresson coastline!-Setana-cho

▼"The tulip garden of Hokkaido No1",Impressed by the grace lake Saroma brings".

▼"Use of local ingrediants!, Transmit unique foods culture, Kitami-city."

▼"The base of the Okhotsk sightseeing,and the cycle of the attractive four seasons"-Abashiri-city

▼"Drift ice real experience !, also contact wiht the animals of the sea !" -Monbetsu-city

▼"Kikonai-town where sailing ship Kanrin-maru of the end of the Edo period,sleeps!"

▼"Entrance of the northernmost",Excellent! westcoast of the sunset and Mt.rishiri-zan".-Wakkanai

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